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Planning and Supervision

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Internship Requirement for the Human Biology major will be changing in the near future. Students who declare the major in spring quarter of the 2015-2016 academic year will instead fulfill a “Capstone” requirement, the details of which will be posted on our website by the start of spring quarter. The final quarter to give an internship poster presentation will be autumn quarter of the 2016-2017 academic year.



(Again) you must initiate your internship two quarters before your graduation quarter.  To begin the process, submit the completed INTERNSHIP PROPOSAL, signed by the student advisor, your site supervisor and faculty advisor, to the Human Biology Student Services Coordinator.  The proposal form and important information about the internship process are found at the INTERNSHIP PROPOSAL REGISTRY.

Students receive academic credit for the internship and therefore must establish the internship at the time it is undertaken by submitting the completed proposal.  The signed, completed proposal should be turned in to the Student Services Coordinator, preceding the internship, not afterward.  Letting more than a quarter pass between the actual time the internship took place and the time that the Proposal is turned in can disqualify the internship.

The internship must be conducted under the direction of an on-site supervisor.  Your supervisor is generally the person with whom you work most closely in conducting the project, and does not have to be a member of the Stanford faculty.  Your supervisor confirms the satisfactory completion of your internhip per your evaluation form that is submitted to  the Human Biology Student Services office.



The internship is 4 units, which amounts to 120 hours of work (each unit is 3 hours of work per week for 10 weeks, which totals 30 hours per unit).  It is not possible to gain duplicate units of credit if one participates in field work, internships, lab research, practicums, etc., which are required for another course.  A maximum of 4 units may be received for the Internship, regardless of whether more than 120 hours of work have been completed.  The credit may be spread out over a maximum of two quarters.  The credit given for the Internship is S/NC only.

If you sign up for credit for a particular quarter on your study list, but do not complete the internship, you do not need to sign up for additional units later on.  You will receive unit credit when the internship is complete (you have turned in the signed Proposal to the Student Services Coordinator, presented your poster at a Quarterly Internship Poster Presentation, and your on-site supervisor has submitted the evaluation on your behalf to the Student Services Coordinator.  

TO REGISTER FOR INTERNSHIP UNITS: In AXESS the HumBio number is 197. Choose section 2, instructor: "Fisher".