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Finding Courses

Finding Courses for your Human Biology Major

Since each Human Biology Course of Study is unique and designed by the individual student, it can be challenging to find courses that are both relevant to one's academic interests and rigorous enough to satisfy Human Biology's major requirements. With that in mind, we have developed a handful of tools and resources for students to consult to aid them in their search for courses across our eight Areas of Emphasis. 

As a reminder, all course changes in the Breadth or Depth section after declaration must be approved by either a Student Advisor (visit them in Room 21A of the HumBio building, Bldg 20 main quad - check their office hours by following this link and scrolling to the embedded Google Calendar frame: Student Advisor office hours) or a Student Services Staff member (also located in Bldg 20). These tools are meant to help you identify possible courses relevant to your interests, but these courses are NOT pre-approved to count for your Breadth or Depth section. 

Course Search Tool

This lets you filter for courses by a handful of criteria (academic year, quarter, and HumBio Area of Emphasis). This is a great way to get a summary view of some of the courses offered in a specific area of emphasis in any given quarter. This tool searches for courses with  tags that you can also use to search on Explore Courses:

HUMBIO::eep (Environment & Enviornmental Policy)

HUMBIO::hhp (Health & Health Policy)

HUMBIO::hpf (Human Performance)

HUMBIO::hdv (Human Development)

HUMBIO::bmbc (Biomedical & Biocomputational)

HUMBIO::brbh (Brain & Behavior)

HUMBIO::emh (Ethics & Medical Humanities)

HUMBIO::evo (Evolution)

Navigating HumBio Courses

This page holds course and topic flow charts for each Area of Emphasis and an interactive presentation that maps out all of the Human Biology upper division courses (HumBio courses numbered 100+) sorted by areas of emphasis. These resources might help you map out the most interesting and relevant courses within your areas of emphasis and provides a big picture overview of the Human Biology curriculum pertinent to each topic.