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B.S. Degree Policies

About the BS

Human Biology is excited to be offering a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) option to our majors. The B.S. will be available to undergraduate students alongside the current B.A. option and minor. More information about the details of pursuing the B.S. major option is available in the Stanford Bulletin.

Bachelor of Science Degree

The B.S. in Human Biology (HUMBIO) requires 81+ units in the major divided among four levels of courses: Fundamental Program requirements (which includes the Human Biology Core), Breadth requirement, Depth requirement, and Upper Division. The B.S. degree allows students a slightly more scientific and technical focus for their studies, and requires completion of coursework and specialization in the biological sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, and/or computer science and engineering.

For the B.S. degree, majors will take 10 or more units of Breadth courses and 5 or more classes in the Upper Division and Depth courses from a set of pre-approved Life and Natural Sciences courses. Many pre-approved courses satisfy University Ways of Thinking and Doing requirements, specifically Applied Quantitative Reasoning, Formal Reasoning, and Scientific Methods and Analysis. Students will still also take courses in the social sciences or humanities, although fewer.

Requirements and Policies

1) For the 5 or more B.S. eligible courses in your Depth and Upper Division, at least 3 of those courses must be in the Depth section. It's fine if all of your Upper Division courses are B.S. eligible, but only 2 of them will count towards the requirement of 5+ B.S. eligible courses for your degree. You can view a list of many B.S. eligible courses here:

List of B.S. eligible courses

2) Students will be able to officially declare for the B.S. degree starting in September of the 2016-17 academic year. For Seniors wishing to change their degree to a B.S. the deadline is the Friday before the end-quarter-period two quarters prior to the graduation quarter. For Spring quarter 2019 graduation the deadline (Autumn quarter) is December 1, 2018. CHANGES MUST BE MADE IN PERSON THROUGH THE STUDENT SERVICES OFFICE (21D or 21E, Bldg 20).  Please note that the course of study must be in final/approved form BEFORE the change can be processed by HumBio Student Services and the University Registrars (in Axess).