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Apply to Graduate

ATTENTION HUMBIO SENIORS: Applying to graduate soon? In order to be cleared, you must turn in your completed HumBio folder to Student Services (Lia Cacciari) on time.

Have you made changes to your Area of Concentration and/or Foundation? The changes must be approved per a completed "Course Drop/Replace Petition" (and a proposal addendum for the change of more than one A/C class) during the quarter PRIOR to the graduation quarter. If there are several changes to the original Course of Study please draft an updated Course of Study, attach it to the original, and note on the top of the updated version that it is "Revised". Forms are available at: Declaration Forms .

The internship proposal must be submitted (at the latest) two quarters before the graduation quarter. In order for your graduation clearance to proceed your internship proposal must be on file in the Student Service's office when you turn in your folder.

Before beginning this clearance procedure, it is important to FIRST take care of any issues regarding outstanding grades for a prior quarter – check your transcript on AXESS.  A minimum grade of C- is required for the courses that fulfill the HumBio major requirements.

HumBio Folder Due Dates for Final Degree Progress Check/Graduation Clearance in 2015-2016:

For Autumn Quarter 2015-16 Grads: due by Friday, September 25th, 2015 (if there are no changes to the CoS)

For Winter Quarter 2015-16 Grads: due by Friday, January 8th, 2016 (if there are no changes to the CoS)


For SPRING Quarter 2015-16 Grads: all folders due Winter Quarter.

Deadline for ATHLETES intending spring graduation is Thursday, February 18th, 2016.

Deadline for ALL OTHER SENIORS intending spring graduation is Thursday, March 3rd, 2016.

Seniors are encouraged to turn their folders in as soon as possible during Winter quarter.  



*STEP 1:  Be sure your COS form is up to date:  

Changes to your COS (listed on the Course Drop/Replace form) need to be signed off by an SA or the Student Services Coordinator.  If there have been several changes to your original COS form please (for clarity) also enter your courses on a new COS form (and note it as "FINAL").

*STEP 2:  Print (from Axess) a copy of your transcript (unofficial is fine!). 

*STEP 3:  Next to each class used for the Human Biology requirements, please write on your transcript the following notation:

For Area of Concentration Courses:  A/C

For Foundation Courses:  F

For Upper Division Courses:  U

(Also underline “Stats” and “Internship”)

*STEP 4:  If a course that you need in your requirements is not yet listed on your transcript (i.e., you are taking it the quarter of graduation),


If you are using Transfer Credit in your requirements

PLEASE list that course (Course Number, Title, Units), on your transcript (top of the first page).

*STEP 5:  Turn in your ‘marked-up’ transcript and HumBio folder (containing your up-to-date COS sheet) to Lia - Student Services.  Be sure to write your phone number on the front of your folder, or on your transcript.  You will be contacted if there are any questions about your graduation requirements.




*Be sure that your completed Internship proposal has been turned in to the HumBio Student Services Office:  (proposal due two quarters in advance of graduation. Students must present their Internship poster by the last quarter of their senior year, and evaluations for the internship should all be turned in at the time of the poster presentation. If you completed your Internship and are registered for units in AXESS on a prior quarter but the units are not yet credited, please inform Lia (Student Services) - she can process your credit. 


*Any TRANSFER CREDIT (listed on a student's COS requires that the following three items are in the student's folder at the HumBio SA office, by the checklist deadline:

1) completed HumBio petition,

2) course syllabus of outside work (required for courses transferred to the A/C)

3) transcript of outside work (from Transfer Credit office at the Registrars).

 (Please note: if the transcript of outside work is not with the Transfer Credit office at this time it can take approximately FOUR weeks to process.)

*Changes to your A/C of two or more classes require that you update your original HumBio proposal to reflect these changes.



You need to do so no later than Friday, APRIL 8th, in order to graduate Spring ’16.  Please note that this is a HARD Registrars deadline (no exceptions).

For information about the diploma ceremony please see HumBio Diploma Ceremony.

***Are you "WALKING" through the HumBio Diploma Ceremony?***
Seniors who would like to “walkthrough” the ceremony – (those Seniors who plan to attend the ceremony and participate in the celebration, but who are not yet graduating, or who graduated in the prior quarter) MUST inform Lia/Student Services (email "" or stop by HumBio Student Services office), so that their seating will be reserved.   Contact Lia (March 1 through April) to confirm your “Walk Through” status, so that seating will be arranged for you.

A minimum of 165 units by the end of Spring Quarter are needed to walk through the Spring ceremony.


Please check with Student Services if you have questions or need additional information (650 725-0332, "").