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Advisor Events


An important part of the Human Biology declaration process is finding the right Faculty Advisor for your Area of Concentration. If you have not yet found an advisor (in fact your feet might be a few degrees cooler than the rest of you at the thought of it), no worries! The Student Advisors plan several advising lunches and dinners with faculty, beginning winter quarter. These informal gatherings will help you make that invaluable connection. Watch for sign up announcements in the Core. Space is limited, so an expeditious reply is recommended. If you have any questions or suggestions about these events, contact Lia Cacciari (student services)


What can you do with a HumBio major? What can you do during your year/s off before graduate school? HumBio alumni from diverse professions such as Education, Medicine, Law, Health Policy, Environmental Research and Biotechnology will be on hand to discuss the navigation of their career paths and unique perspectives on their areas of expertise. This evening event is presented by the Career Development Center, the Alumni Association, and the Program in Human Biology during winter quarter. HumBio majors should take advantage of this opportunity to get the insight and advice that HumBio professionals have to offer.


Join us for the first Student Advisor event of the academic year! The Human Biology Internship Fair is a HumBio tradition and is held in November. Representatives from numerous Bay Area and Stanford organizations are on hand in Toyon Hall to discuss available internships. Click here to view a sample list of participants.

For more information about the Human Biology Internship Faire, stop by the Human Biology Student Adviser and Student Services offices in Building 20 with your questions.