Student Testimonials

We love our HumBio students and they love HumBio! Here are just some of the reasons why:

I'm thankful to HumBio for allowing me to craft my own academic path, giving me the freedom to explore all of my interests, and introducing me to other creative and intelligent students. From the HumBio 2A to HumBio 174, I have enjoyed engaging in a range of topics that cover both the social and physical sciences. Being HumBio major has not only made me a more well-rounded student, it's also shown me how to be an independent learner and take control over my academic experiences.
2021-22 CA: Ashley Riley
Ashley Riley
HumBio enabled me to explore multidisciplinary perspectives on how to solve pressing health problems in underserved communities. Through this major, I embraced my dynamic nature as a thinker and leader. I am confident that my experiences with professors and classmates in this department have set me up to thrive no matter where my career takes me.
Dumisile Melody Mphamba
HumBio has taught me power of caring deeply for others and the world around me, and it has empowered me to use my passion and drive to work to make the world a better place. HumBio has taught me to see, hear, and empathize with others with vastly different lived experiences from my own. HumBio has taught me to believe in the power of myself and of those around me.
Shravya Gurrapu
To me, HumBio was about understanding the many connections between the molecules and cells we’re made of, the cultures we’re steeped in, the physical environments we live in, and much more. If I were to go back, I would tell myself that what you can ask or learn or do in HumBio is limited only by your curiosities—about food, music, data, immigration, genomics—and your ability to understand their connections to what it means to be human.
Edric Zeng