The Human Biology Newsletter is a semi-annual publication used to share what is going on in the Program in Human Biology and to highlight the professional and academic accomplishments of members of our HumBio community.

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Letter from the Director 50th Reunion Celebration Welcome Back & 2020-21 Core Cohort Reunion A Celebration of Donald Kennedy's Life And more!
Winter Newsletter 2021 Screenshot
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Letter from the Director HumBio 50th - Core Strength: Vision & Change in the HumBio Core A Welcome to Jesse Calderon, Our New Students Services Specialist The HumBio Core & The Transition to Remote Learning The Passing of Dr. Tien-Wen…
Autumn Newsletter 2020
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Letter from the Director Reproductive Justice with Loretta Ross Virtual Celebrations for the Class of 2020 HumBio Community in the Fight Against COVID-19 and Racial Injustice Lifting Every Voice with Stanford Talisman The Power of a Tweet: An…
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HumBio: Forward-Thinking Pioneers of Change 15 Questions with the New Program Director, Lianne Kurina Student Innovation Fostered by the Bingham Foundation Fund New Wellness Wednesday Initiative The Retirement of Russ and Anne Fernald
Human Biology newsletter orange and maroon banner featuring a photo of the Senegal river research scene with boat and jeep
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Honorable Work: schistosome eDNA testing & formerly incarcerated parenting Stem Cell Biology Explorer Director Fisher Farewell In Memoriam: David Hamburg