An interdisciplinary approach to understanding human beings from biological, behavioral, social, and cultural perspectives.

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Happy spring! I hope everyone is doing well. The year continues to be filled with challenges that inspire growth, moments of joy that brighten even the most difficult days, new ideas, and new opportunities to make intellectual and social connections alike. As we head into spring quarter, I cannot wait to see what unfolds.

I always love meeting HumBio students and other members of our community, so feel free to reach out to find a time to meet and chat.

Here’s to a terrific year ahead! 

All my best,
Lianne Kurina, PhD 
Bing Director, Program in Human Biology



Music brings people together in profound ways; it transcends boundaries, fosters unity, and forges lasting connections among individuals.
When students enter the classroom of HumBio 122H, Social and Environmental Determinants of Health, they are taken on a journey that blends theory with community-based service and empowers them to engage with community partners to tackle pressing health disparities.
When Drs. Sophia Colamarino and Joachim Hallmayer envisioned an undergraduate class on autism spectrum disorder (ASD), they knew it should go beyond the dissemination of scientific knowledge and delve into the broader context of scientific inquiry and societal impact.
Meet Victoria Parikh, a clinician scientist in cardiovascular medicine at Stanford Medicine and a HumBio alumna from the class of 2005. Parikh started her journey as a curious HumBio student and is now a respected scientist and dedicated Core faculty member.