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Apply for Bingham Innovation Fund

To apply for Bingham funds:

  1. You should be a declared Human Biology major and be prepared to include an unofficial transcript
  2. Your proposal should address these questions
    1. What do you intend to do?
    2. Why is the work important?
    3. What has already been done (by you and by others)?
    4. What other similar initiatives exist at the University?
    5. How are you going to do the work?
    6. Will your project include human subjects?
    7. How will the project benefit undergraduate education and/or undergraduate community at Stanford?
      * If you have material that would supplement your application, you should refer to it within your proposal, and we may request that it be submitted separately.
  3. Include an itemized anticipated budget and justification for your project.
  4. Meet with a faculty member to discuss your proposed project, so that s/he will be familiar enough to comment on its novelty, feasibility, and probable success.
  5. Faculty reference is required.

We encouage you to meet and discuss your idea with
Paul Fisher, pfisher at
In the header indicate: Bingham Fund


Click here if you are ready to apply

*By clicking on the link above you will taken to a site where you will be asked to Login or Sign up to get started.  Slideroom is used by other organizations on campus too. You may not be able to use browser back buttons.